Affirmations Mini Course

Learn everything there is to know about affirmations so you too can use them as a powerful sacred tool to draw in your desires and to shift your energy 

here are 3 things this mini course will deliver to change your life forever:

Game changer #1

Understand exactly how affirmations work and why you should be using them as a daily practice

Game Changer #2

Learn how to make affirmations work for you because everyone is unique

Game Changer #3

Learn tips and best practices on using affirmations so you get the most out of using them as a sacred practice

PLUS - over 400 affirmations for you to use straight away!!



Master energy healer, therapist, life coach and author

About your host:

Hiya, I'm Vanessa.

Before I grew to offer all of the healing services and coaching programs I do now, I started my business 10 years ago based around the theme of Self Love Wednesdays ... after living my life dedicated to serving those around me I knew how important self care practices were and how I wanted to make it a focus of my life and that of others I was witnessing living the same, struggling way. Affirmations were one of the key tools I implemented into my sacred self care practice to raise my vibrations and draw towards me everything I wanted to manifest in my life. As someone who struggled with free writing as a journal practice affirmations really helped me on my journey.

I've helped hundreds of other women shift their focus onto taking care of their own needs first by creating personal routines and experimenting with self care practices to find what they enjoy the most. If you are ready to learn about affirmations and to see how you can implement this practice into your daily routine join me for my free Affirmations Mini Course. You'll walk away with so much knowledge about affirmations and how to start using them today.

Disclaimer - This course is entirely free and it is up to the participant how they wish to implement the information into their daily practice. this course is a guide only and in no way is it or sacred munay responsible for manifesting anything into the participant's life .


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